Half of America now has constitutional carry laws

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Half of America has vowed to protect the Second Amendment from government overreach, a monumental victory for gun owners.

By allowing every law-abiding citizen to carry concealed firearms without a government-issued permission slip, 25 states now protect one of the most profound and fundamental freedoms.

Recently, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 319, protecting the constitutional right of Georgians to conceal carry without a state permit, making it the 25th state to enact constitutional carry and the 4th state to do so this year.

Indiana and Alabama became constitutional carry states after Republican Govs. Eric Holcomb and Kay Ivey enacted legislation prohibiting government entities from infringing on citizens’ gun rights.

While many conservatives champion this milestone, Democrat leaders nationwide have slandered the passage of these bills, claiming that high crime results from Second Amendment protection measures. However, a transparent look into the correlation between gun ownership and crime trends paints a vastly different picture.

More Americans are at liberty to exercise concealed carry now than decades before, yet crime rates have fallen remarkably.

From 1991 to 2019, violent crimes plummeted by more than 50 percent, while firearm ownership doubled. However, the opposite is true in states with strict gun control laws.

States like New York, California, and Chicago currently have the highest violent crime rates nationwide.

Despite attempting to prevent high crime trends by hindering the Second Amendment, many Democrat leaders fail to recognize one crucial fact: criminals don’t follow laws.

Law-abiding citizens are the ones who are negatively impacted by measures enacted in states like New York and California.

While politicians live comfortability in their gated homes, with high-tech security and protection from outside forces, the American people suffer from failed, restrictive gun laws.

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