Herschel Walker: ‘Georgia is next’ for the Red Wave

Republican candidate for Senate and former NFL star Herschel Walker is making a bold prediction in the future of the state of Georgia.

“Georgia is next,” he said, referring to the “red wave” that is sweeping the nation in the midterm elections, flipping blue states like Pennsylvania and Virginia into conservative strongholds.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Walker said that “Georgia is next because I’m running.” In August, Walker announced his candidacy for Senate, decrying the turbulent state of the country and stating that he “just can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.”

In September, President Donald Trump came out swinging for Walker in a powerful endorsement:

“Herschel Walker is a friend, a Patriot, and an outstanding American who is going to be a GREAT United States Senator. He embodies “America First” and the winning spirit of Georgia. Herschel is tough on Crime and Borders, and he will always stand in support of Law Enforcement, Military, and our Vets. He will fight hard for our Second Amendment and Voter Integrity. Herschel Walker will never let you down. He was a great football player and will be an even better U.S. Senator – if that is even possible. He has my complete and Total Endorsement!”

Walker, whose can-do attitude and America First spirit has earned him the respect of many potential Georgia voters, asserted on Monday that the United States needed to return to “top-dog status.” In a tweet posted to his official account, Walker stated: “Under President Trump, America’s role on the world stage was undisputed. Our leadership was respected, and our adversaries didn’t cross us. We need STRONG leaders – and I’m running to help us get back to top-dog status!”

On Tuesday, Americans watched as the longtime blue state of Virginia elected a Republican governor for the first time since 2009, Glenn Youngkin.

Tuesday night also dealt a comprehensive and stunning blow to Democrats as Republican candidates seized victory in the gubernatorial and House of Delegates race. Republicans picked up four additional seats in the House of Delegates in Virginia, and the race for Attorney General also went red, vaulting Republican Jason Miyares to victory. Additionally, Republicans won four NYC council positions on Tuesday, followed by a thrilling victory in the judicial races of Pennsylvania – and that’s not at all. A Republican candidate swept the congressional race in Ohio, when Trump-endorsed candidate and Washington outsider Mike Carey won his respected race in District 15.

It appears that Joe Biden’s radical, far-left policies are leaving a bad taste in voters’ mouths, resulting in a bad case of political buyer’s remorse.

Herschel Walker, with his strong, patriotic policies, and matter-of-fact approach to politics, is poised to win the Senate race next year.

“When I entered this race, I entered it to win it,” Walker stated in his Breitbart interview. “I didn’t enter the race to look good. I didn’t enter this race because I needed another feather in my cap. I entered this race because I saw something going wrong in this country. I saw people that was saying negative things about America. I saw people talking about this critical race theory. I saw the gas price going out the roof, stuff not on the shelves, and I said, ‘something is not right.’ I got into this race because I said I wanted people to know the buck is going to stop here. I’m not going to settle for this. I’m going to speak out and tell the truth whether you like it or not. I’m going to bring people together and I’m going to go out and win.”

Given the overall conservative comeback that is beginning to sweep the nation, Republicans can likely thank Joe Biden and his Democrat allies for the resurgence of the red wave. The people are pushing back against tyrannical agendas like freedom-restricting vaccine mandates and open borders – and they’re doing it by electing conservative leaders with common sense ideas. Herschel Walker just might be running for Senate at the perfect time to win.

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