HISTORIC: Kentucky now has more registered Republican voters than Democrats

2D97XGB Voters fill ballots at the Kentucky Exposition Center during the election in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. November 3, 2020. REUTERS/Bryan Woolston

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American voters continue to flee the Democrat Party and switch to the GOP. According to a report from The Epoch Times, Kentucky now has more registered Republicans than Democrats.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a Republican, responded to the news in an official statement:

“After a century and a half, the birthplace of Lincoln has finally aligned with the party of Lincoln. Today is a grand day for all of us in the Grand Old Party who have worked so hard for so long to advance our goals of limited government and personal responsibility. Registered Republicans, however, are a plurality, not a majority. To win statewide elections, and then to govern effectively, Republican candidates must appeal beyond our base to the 55% of voters who are not Republicans.”

Election integrity and voter registration advocate Scott Presler celebrated the news of Kentucky’s voting shift on Twitter, stating, “I HAVE HUGE NEWS! For the first time ever, there are now more registered Republicans than democrats in Kentucky. We flipped Florida. We flipped Kentucky. Who’s next?”

According to Breitbart, the historic switch comes on the heels of Florida’s big gains in Republican voter registrations, which have outpaced Democrat registrations by more than 200,000 voters.

Presler revealed in June that Republicans, for example, were slowly positioning themselves to hold an advantage over Democrats in Iowa.

“A month ago, Republicans had an advantage of 65,382 voter registrations in Iowa,” he stated on Twitter. “Today, that lead has been increased to 84,751.”

Kentucky’s historic flip is significant, and it signals that the GOP is poised to broaden its voting base in the same way that Florida has. A recent Associated Press report revealed in late June that more than one million American voters have switched to the Republican Party in the last year.

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