Hunter Biden agrees to be deposed in February

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

After months of defiance and violating a subpoena, Hunter Biden has agreed to offer House Republicans his deposition for the Biden family investigation. 

According to the AP News, this will be done during a private meeting scheduled for Feb. 28. 

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., noted that Hunter will also be able to give public testimony after the deposition. 

He stated, “The president’s son is a key witness in this investigation and he’s gonna be able to come in now and sit down and answer questions in a substantive, orderly manner,” via the AP News. 

The House Oversight Committee posted the news on Thursday, stating on X, “The Committees on Oversight and Accountability and Judiciary will conduct transcribed interviews with several Biden family members and associates in the coming weeks.”

Several business associates will be questioned in the coming weeks, starting with Biden family associate Rob Walker and Hunter’s business associate Mervyn Yan on Jan. 22, via a House Oversight Committee press release

Comer stated during an interview on Fox News, “They’ve been doing all these publicity stunts saying they wanted to get the truth out, they wanted to speak publicly, well alright, you’re gonna come in for this deposition, you’re gonna have the opportunity to answer questions.” 

“If he pleads the fifth and refuses to answer the questions then I think the American people can assume that this family has been on the tape for a long time from our enemies around the world,” the congressman added. 

He also noted that the House Oversight Committee will be able to hear directly from Hunter, a man who has no experience in many of the business dealings he supposedly carried out.

Comer said they would finally be able to ask, “What exactly did you do to receive the millions and millions of dollars that our enemies around the world sent you? What was the purpose of that money?”

“These are serious ethical issues and tax evasion issues that the Biden’s are gonna have to answer to,” he concluded. 

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