‘I did nothing wrong’: Trump slams move to take away his constitutional right to defend himself

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President Donald Trump blamed the presiding judge on his New York civil fraud case after deciding to no longer testify on Monday, claiming that the judge had taken his “constitutional right” after implementing a “gag order,” a Truth Social post stated. 

The 45th president was scheduled to testify for the second time on Monday within the New York Attorney General Letitia James’ $250 million lawsuit against Trump.

However, by Sunday, Trump’s attorney Chris Kise had stated that there was “really nothing more” for the former president to say, highlighting presiding Judge Arthur Engoron’s “unconstitutional gag order,” according to WBAL-TV 11.   

Trump slammed James’ lawsuit and the presiding judge, who he claimed suffers from a “massive case” of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“I wanted to testify on Monday, despite the fact that I already testified successfully, answering all questions having to do with the Fake, No Victims, No Jury lawsuit, thrown at me by the Corrupt Racist A.G., Letitia James, and presided over by a Trump hating judge who suffers from a massive case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and is a puppet for the CROOKED A.G.,” Trump posted on Tuesday.

A gag order was reimplemented by an appeals court late November restricting Trump from commenting about court personnel, with Judge Engoron stating he will “rigorously and vigorously” enforce the reinstated order, the Associated Press reported.

Trump’s original gag order within the lawsuit, however, came from Engoron on Oct. 3 following allegations that the former president had made personal attacks towards a member of the court’s staff. 

Trump continued to claim that Engoron had taken away his “consitutional right” to defend himself, stating that he “did nothing wrong.”

“Anyway, the Judge, Arthur Engoron, put a GAG ORDER on me, even when I testify, totally taking away my constitutional right to defend myself. We are appealing, but how would you like to be a witness and not be allowed free snd honest speech. THE TRIAL IS RIGGED. I DID NOTHING WRONG!!!” Trump stated.

The 45th president’s lawyers rested their defense Tuesday requesting to end the lawsuit, however, Engoron quickly noted that there was “no way” he would “grant” the motion, according to AP News.

While Kise stated that they would be sending Engoron paperwork detailing arguments for a directed verdict, the presiding judge gave mixed messages on the route he would be takign for the case.

“You’d be wasting your time, but I’m not going to tell you not to send me something,” Engoron told Kise, according to AP News. The judge also stated though that it “doesn’t mean I’ll entertain” or read the written request, the outlet reported.

The closing argument for the lawsuit are scheduled for Jan. 11, with Engoron, the deciding fact of the case, stating that he hoped to have a decision by the end of January, according to AP News.

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