Italians protest vaccine mandates for 15th straight week

Millions of workers across Italy are continuing to show their government their true feelings about the “Green Pass” vaccine passport system which is turning the jabless into jobless.

The beginning of winter and worsening tyrannical rhetoric hasn’t deterred citizens in Bologna, Foggia, Genova, Milano, Napoli, Padova, Pisa, Pordenone, Ravenna, Torino, Trento, Trieste, Udine, and Verona, who showed out in force, without using any, to make their voices heard.

The protests have brought together concerned citizens from all sides of the political spectrum, with both crucifixes and black flags seen waving in the crowd at many locations.

Italy’s Green Pass became mandatory on Oct. 15 for access to all public and indoor venues, and to use all public transit, including subways, buses, and trains.

To get the pass, a citizen must submit to vaccination, be provably immune, or have received a negative test in the last 48 hours.

And not all Covid-19 vaccines count, as many in Italy’s largest Chinese community of Prato are unfortunately finding out, with authorities not qualifying China’s Sinovac as up to Green Pass standards.

According to data collected by regional health authorities, this system is both unnecessary and summarily unwarranted, with reported infection rates in Italy remaining as low as 4,053, compared to Germany’s 31,402 and Britain’s 43,453.

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