Jaw-dropping protests against vaccine mandates sweep Australia

The fight for freedom continues in Australia this week as stunning protests continue to sweep the nation in reaction to the government’s attempt to continue to enforce strict Covid regulations and vaccine mandates.

Australians, who have been struck hard with tyrannical lockdowns, strict quarantine rules, and harsh vaccine mandates since the pandemic hit in early 2020, have had enough of the government’s egregious overreach.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people gathered to protest vaccine mandates in Perth. Last weekend, thousands gathered at the steps of Parliament in Melbourne to protest a freedom-restricting pandemic bill spearheaded by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. The bill, which would seriously expand the powers of the government and the Premier, would also allow him to single-handedly declare “health emergencies” and institute lockdowns and Covid rules for up to three months at a time.

Australia, which has also been one of the single most restrictive countries on the planet in terms of coronavirus rules and lockdowns, has instituted everything from door-to-door wellness checks for citizens to travel restrictions. For example, this summer in Sydney, citizens weren’t even allowed to travel more than three miles from their homes, and they were required to wear a mask outdoors at all times – no exceptions. The people of Australia have been protesting this blatant totalitarianism for months, and it seems as if the government and its steely enforcers have paid little to no heed.

Last week’s massive protest at Parliament in Melbourne, Australia

In October, construction workers protested the “temporary” shutdown of their field of industry because of coronavirus outbreaks among employees, as well as the tyrannical edict that those same employees had to provide proof of at least one dose of the Covid vaccine before they could return to work.

Unfortunately, some protesters were arrested for the demonstration. Additionally, in October it was projected that lockdowns wouldn’t end until at least 70 percent of the people eligible for vaccination were inoculated, as previously reported by RSBN.

Will Parliament and the political leaders of Australia pay attention to the demands of their people? Australians are pushing back as peacefully as possible against the tyranny of the Australian regime, but will it be enough to deter the government, who has been unafraid to utilize the Australian military forces to force the people into compliance?

Time will tell, but proponents of freedom and medical choice around the world are watching the events that are unfolding in the country “down under” as Australians continue to rise up to restore their personal liberties.  

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