Joke’s on the FBI: Trump calls himself ‘a perfect physical specimen’ amid stolen medical records

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

In true Trump fashion, 45th President Donald Trump referred to himself as “a perfect physical specimen” as court filings revealed that the FBI took confidential medical files, among other records, during their raid on Mar-a-Lago last month.

“Not only did the FBI steal my Passports in the FBI Raid and Break-In of my home, Mar-a-Lago, but it has just been learned through court filings that they also improperly took my complete and highly confidential medical file and history, with all the bells and whistles (at least they’ll see that I’m very healthy, an absolutely perfect physical specimen!), plus personal Tax Records (Illegal to take), and lawyer/client/privileged information, a definite NO, NO. Days of the Soviet Union!” the president posted on his Truth Social account Wednesday.

Following the shocking announcement that the FBI confiscated three of Trump’s passports by the president in August, an order issued by Trump-appointed District Judge Aileen Cannon this week revealed that Trump’s medical and financial records were seized during the raid, RSBN reported.

“According to the Privilege Review Team’s Report, the seized materials include medical documents, correspondence related to taxes, and accounting information,” Cannon wrote. “The Government also has acknowledged that it seized some ‘[p]ersonal effects without evidentiary value’ and, by its own estimation, upwards of 500 pages of material potentially subject to attorney-client privilege.”

In the same order, Cannon granted Trump’s legal team’s request for a special master to oversee all documents seized by the FBI.

The court ruling stated:

“The Court hereby authorizes the appointment of a special master to review the seized property for personal items and documents and potentially privileged material subject to claims of attorney-client and/or executive privilege. Furthermore, in natural conjunction with that appointment, and consistent with the value and sequence of special master procedures, the Court also temporarily enjoins the Government from reviewing and using the seized materials for investigative purposes pending the completion of the special master’s review or further Court order.”

Furthermore, RSBN reported that the Heritage Foundation announced that the Oversight Project had initiated a legal battle of its own, filing lawsuits against the Department of Justice and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) after failing to follow the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests tied to communication records tied to the FBI’s raid.

Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project, said the following about the lawsuits:

“The DOJ is conducting this investigation in an overtly partisan and corrupt manner. The authorized leaks and selective disclosures discredit their entire basis for withholding other information from valid requests such as ours. There is simply no valid ongoing investigation exemption for the communications we are seeking. The American people have a right to these communications, and the administration must turn them over.” 

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