Justice Clarence Thomas’ Release from the Hospital is a Reason to Celebrate

2A89T19 United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks during a law school visit on February 2, 2010 in Gulfport, Florida.

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Justice Clarence Thomas was discharged from a Washington, D.C. hospital early Friday morning, the court’s press office announced. Thomas was initially admitted one week ago with flu-like symptoms and was subsequently diagnosed with an infection.

Thomas has served on the Supreme Court since 1991 and is the longest sitting member on the high court. Despite this, some on Twitter took joy during his recent illness simply because they disagree with his alleged political leanings and/or legal opinions.

As recently reported by RSBN, Thomas recently called for the Supreme Court to address the scope of immunity under Section 230 as it relates to social media companies and Big Tech. He also opposed the Supreme Court’s rulings in Obergefell v. Hodges and Bostock v. Clayton County.

The fact that Thomas was released should allow Americans to breathe a sigh of relief. Currently, the “majority” of the justices sitting on the court are textualists who tend to follow the Constitution and the law instead of engaging in political activism or legislating from the bench.

With Joe Biden’s recent nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who will most likely be confirmed simply because Democrats control the Senate, the court will include another very liberal justice who Laura Ingraham noted would be a “rubber stamp” for far-left demands.

By way of example, during her recent confirmation hearing, Jackson couldn’t define the term woman. She also asserted that she never studied critical race theory despite compelling evidence suggesting otherwise.

Americans should celebrate the fact that Thomas is recovering for the sole reason that it is un-American to celebrate, or to find comfort in, another’s illness. Moreover, Thomas’ swift recovery suggests that the current composition of the nation’s highest court will remain intact for the foreseeable future.

With so many important issues in front of the court, including religion, gun rights, and abortion (among others), it is crucial to keep textualists on the court who will follow the law and the Constitution rather than engage in activism or “legislation” when rendering such important and precedent-setting decisions.

Mr. Hakim is an attorney and columnist. His articles have been published in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, and other online publications. He is also a regular guest on OANN’s Tipping Point, and has appeared on Newsmax, The Dave Weinbaum Show, and Real America’s Voice. 

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