Kari Lake files motion to reconsider ballot issues, chain of custody documentation

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rising conservative superstar Kari Lake has made a new legal move in her ongoing fight for transparent elections in the Grand Canyon State, filing a new motion asking for a reconsideration of two major issues in her case against Maricopa County and former Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

According to the legal filing, Lake has filed a petitioner’s opposition to motion for sanctions and a cross-motion for a procedural order for leave to file a motion for reconsideration of the denial for her petition for review. Her request comes after the Arizona Supreme Court ordered a trial court to revisit the signature verification issue included in her suit.

Lake has now asked the court to reconsider the issue surrounding the 35,563 “unaccounted” ballots that were processed by a third-party election company. She is also asking for a reconsideration of the court’s denial to review chain of custody documentation problems.

Via the Arizona Sun Times, Hobbs and the Democrat Secretary of State Adrian Fontes have filed motions requesting that Lake be sanctioned for her allegations regarding the 35,563 ballots that she argues were added to the total vote count.

Editor-in-chief of Uncover DC, Tracy Beanz, further unpacked Lake’s newest motion on Twitter:

“Back when I was threading and detailing responses, I talked about how government actors are granted presumptions that assume they are acting in good faith,” Beanz continued. “Not so for Runbeck. Respondents don’t even attempt to show any evidence rebutting the claim, and no one can argue that Lake doesn’t honestly believe that illegal votes and misconduct determined the results of the 2022 election.”

She added, “This entire argument stems back to CoC issues. If proper Chain of Custody were followed, Maricopa would have known if even one ballot were inserted. They didn’t follow process or law, and Maricopa was unaware of the actual ballot totals.”

As previously reported by RSBN, reports of election-related problems plagued Maricopa County on Election Day in 2022, leading to cries of voter disenfranchisement and murky certification processes.

On page 44 of Lake’s original suit, whistleblowers in Maricopa County alleged that almost 300,000 ballots in the midterm elections had no chain of custody documentation. This alleged problem surfaced in addition to reports of issues surrounding third-party ballot counting procedures.

Lake’s filing argued, “The unlawful injection of at least 35,563 ballots in a race decided by 17,177 votes requires setting aside the election…This Court should not countenance the lower court’s rewriting the clear requirement mandated in the Election Procedure Manual to count and record the number ballots retrieved from each drop box when opening the secure containers in which the ballots arrive at MTEC, to allow, instead, counting ballots elsewhere, long after opening the secure containers.”

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