Kari Lake highlights BIG victory in Arizona for mail-in ballot signature verification

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Election integrity warrior Kari Lake shared some good news in the great state of Arizona this week after a court ruled that the signature matching process in the Grand Canyon State’s elections was “UNLAWFUL,” she announced.

She wrote on X, “A court just found that Arizona’s signature matching process is UNLAWFUL. The court said the ‘statute is clear & unambiguous’ requiring ‘the recorder to review the voter’s registration card’ & not other documents with the voter’s signature.”

According to a report from The Western Journal, Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) brought a lawsuit earlier this year against Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, D-Ariz., that alleged that his office’s procedures regarding mail-in ballot signature verification were illegal.

RITE additionally announced the court ruling in an official statement, noting that the Superior Court for the County of Yavapai “agreed with RITE that the state is conducting signature matching in an unlawful matter.”

They further expanded, “The court found that the Secretary’s signature-match process unlawfully ‘contradicts the plain language’ of the statute by permitting signature comparison with documents that have ‘nothing to do with the act of registering.’”

RITE stated that Arizona’s Secretary of State “must change his procedures before the next election so that signature matching can protect the integrity of Arizona’s mail-in balloting process.”

This newest development comes amid Kari Lake’s signature verification battle in Arizona, where she will soon be returning to court later this month for a two-day trial in her ongoing bid to obtain access to mail-in ballot signatures.

Last year, Lake was the Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee. In November 2022, the state’s election processes were allegedly steeped in chaos and confusion as Maricopa County experienced a deluge of reports of malfunctioning tabulators and voting machines. Additionally, Lake has long claimed that there were problems with mail-in ballot signature verification processes.

She previously explained, “As Americans we have a RIGHT and a DUTY to call out corruption in our government and corruption in our elections.”

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