Kari Lake is dominating SAME DAY votes out of Arizona: ‘God did not put us on this fight because it was gonna be easy!’

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Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake has fighting words for mainstream media pundits who believe that the governor’s race in the Grand Canyon State might be over. “God did not put us in this fight because it was gonna be easy!” she told a crowd of supporters late Tuesday night.

She continued, “Not one thing we’ve had to go through has been easy….Are you tough and strong? Are you willing to contribute to this fight? Are you willing…for incompetency to play itself out?”

Late Tuesday evening, same-day ballot batches began arriving from counties all over Arizona, indicating that Lake had captured the lion’s share of precinct support. For example, according to Lake’s Twitter, the Election Day votes from Yuma and Greenlee counties were 76.4 percent for Lake, and 23.5 for Hobbs.

Further, Cochise County gave Kari Lake 74 percent of their support out of a 3,244 batch of ballots.

On Wednesday morning, Lake was closing the gap between herself and her opponent, Katie Hobbs.

“Looking at what votes are outstanding,” Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk stated on Twitter. “Kari Lake will take the lead sometime today and won’t give it back. Kari Lake will be the next governor of Arizona.”

Another batch of 55,000 ballots from Maricopa County arrived early Wednesday morning, indicating massive support for Lake even from the county that had been plagued with rampant polling place issues on Tuesday.

Election intelligence specialist for True the Vote, Gregg Phillips, also wrote on Truth Social on Wednesday morning:


Pinal just reported NET gain of about 19,000 votes in favor of Kari.

Kari should move into the lead within the next hour or so.”

Charlie Kirk added, “We will have plenty of time to point fingers in a few days. Kari is about to win and it looks increasingly likely Blake does as well based on Maricopa drops breaking heavily his way. All eyes on Arizona. Let’s go!”

“We will take the victory when it comes,” Lake told her supporters last night. “And we will turn this state around!”

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