Kari Lake to Congress: ‘I dare you’ to come after our guns

by Samantha Flom

Photo: Alamy

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake fired off a warning shot Friday for politicians pushing red flag laws.

Noting that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice had intimidated parents for voicing their concerns at school board meetings, Lake tweeted: “I think I can speak for most Moms in America: you can shove your ‘Red Flag Laws’ where the sun don’t shine. I DARE you to try and throw us on lists & come after our firearms. I dare you.”

Red flag laws allow for the court-ordered confiscation of guns from those deemed by others, like family members or friends, to pose a danger to themselves or the public. Such measures have been discussed recently on Capitol Hill amid new efforts to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. 

Last week, the House passed the “Protecting Our Kids Act,” which would: raise the minimum age to buy semiautomatic weapons to 21; ban the import, sale, and manufacturing of large-capacity magazines; and establish regulations on the storage of firearms on private, residential properties, among other provisions.

While that bill is expected to die in the Senate, negotiations are currently underway to reach a bipartisan deal on gun control. Per the Washington Examiner, the deal currently on the table includes a grant program for state red flag laws.

While speaking Saturday at the Texas State Republican Convention, Texas Sen. John Cornyn voiced his support for these measures to the disgust of the event’s attendees.

“No red flags!” the crowd chanted before booing the senator off the stage.

According to CBS News, Cornyn is one of the lead Republicans negotiating the gun control package in the Senate. 

Legislators, the outlet reported, have set a self-imposed deadline of next week for a vote on the legislation.

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