Kari Lake: ‘We will not let them get away with disenfranchising our Vote’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Kari Lake has a fighting spirit when it comes to ensuring that the 2022 midterm elections are properly vindicated in the wake of shockingly incompetent election processes in Arizona.

Lake, the GOP gubernatorial nominee in her home state, has been disseminating evidence of widespread voter disenfranchisement on her social media feeds for the past few days, swinging back at establishment media and politicians who have turned a blind eye to the massive voting issues experienced throughout the week in Arizona.

“I’m so sorry they did this to us, Arizona,” Lake posted on Twitter, along with a video showing insanely long lines to vote on Election Day. “We will not let them get away with disenfranchising our Vote.”

She also encouraged Arizonans to share their testimonies about election-related issues on saveaznow.com, where citizens can submit sworn complaints about potential violations of Arizona election laws.

As reported by RSBN, evidence of voting problems across the state have plagued Arizona’s midterm election processes over the past week and a half, highlighting vote tabulation problems, ballot errors, and voter suppression.

In one video posted to Lake’s account, a shocking example of tabulator problems in Maricopa County highlighted election-related chaos as an election worker explained that 29 out of every 30 ballots were not going through the tabulating machines in Biltmore.

Another report from Rasmussen revealed that a whopping 48 percent of Maricopa County election centers experienced printing and tabulating malfunctions on Election Day.

Caroline Wren, a senior advisor for Kari Lake, addressed the election problems in Arizona during an interview on Real America’s Voice this week, asking, “Why is that we start early voting on October 12? And why did zero percent of the voting centers encounter tabulation problems in early voting when we know the Democrats were all heavily voting? And why did that number then jump up to 48 percent of voting centers [that] encountered tabulation problems on Election Day when voters voted for Kari Lake three to one?”

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