Report: Pennsylvania voters sue to delay certification of election results

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Pennsylvania voters have reportedly filed a complaint against the Delaware County Board of Elections and the Delaware County Bureau of Elections, seeking to delay the certification of the county’s 2022 midterm election results.

According to court documents shared by The Gateway Pundit, three Pennslyvania voters filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order to delay the certification of Delaware County’s Nov. 8 election results after the Defendants allegedly “committed serious violations” of the state’s election code.

Among the violations stated in the filing, the Plaintiffs accused the county’s board and bureau of elections of having mailed official ballots to unverified voters, deleting at least 194 voter registration records following Election Day of individuals whose ballots were accounted for, and “detouring the election-night journey of the county’s physical ballots and v-drives for six hours into a closed building, where poll watchers were prohibited from entering.”

The Pennsylvania voters are requesting that the Delaware County’s Court of Common Pleas, halt the county from certifying the election results, and permit the voters’ legal teams to “observe and document, by video, audio, and photographic recording, all election-related activities undertaken” by the county, the filing states.

Moreover, the Court should “order Defendants and their agents to preserve all physical and electronic records and items without alteration or destruction for Plaintiffs’ inspection and discovery.”

The civil action against Delaware County comes as Democrat John Fetterman was projected to win the state’s competitive Senate race against Trump-backed candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz.

According to RSBN, voters already suspected that fraud would most likely taint election results prior to Nov. 8.

Per Rasmussen:

“Forty-five percent (45%) believe it is likely that widespread cheating in Pennsylvania will affect the outcome of this year’s congressional elections, including 20% who think it’s Very Likely. More Republicans (65%) than Democrats (25%) or unaffiliated voters (46%) think cheating is likely to affect the midterms.”

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