Kari Lake will return to court soon in a quest to obtain access to 2022 mail-in ballot signatures

2P4TC44 Kari Lake speaks on the 3rd day of CPAC Washington, DC conference at Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention on March 4, 2023

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Kari Lake confirmed on Sunday that she will return to court in late September following a trial date set in her bid to obtain access to mail-in ballot signatures in the wake of the 2022 midterm elections in Arizona.

She wrote on X, “We are scheduled for a 2-day trial set for September 21 & 25th. I will never stop fighting for Honest & Transparent Elections.”

Last year, Kari Lake was Arizona’s GOP gubernatorial nominee, facing off against the Democrat nominee, former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

After the November 2022 midterms, Lake filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County election officials and Hobbs herself, citing allegations of election problems and chaos with voting machines and ballot tabulators on Election Day.

In early 2023, a judge at the Maricopa County Superior Court ruled against dismissing Lake’s efforts to obtain affidavit envelopes, according to The Epoch Times. Lake has previously alleged that there were serious problems with the signature verification processes with mail-in Arizona ballots in 2022.

Lake has taken action in Arizona ahead of the 2024 elections by leading a grassroots movement to encourage thousands of Republicans to vote in next year’s political races.

Since last November, Lake has emerged not only as a strong Trump ally but as a viable contender for an upcoming Arizona Senate seat. While Lake has not confirmed that she will be launching a Senate bid, she has been “contemplating” doing so, per Politico.

Last week, Lake doubled down on her ongoing efforts to secure election security in America, writing on X, “As Americans we have a RIGHT and a DUTY to call out corruption in our government and corruption in our elections. Our elections are merely theatre to make us believe we are choosing our “leaders” when in reality they are being CHOSEN for us. We the People demand honest elections.”

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