Lake says election riggers are ‘messing with the wrong people’

2K9EC54 Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake makes a campaign appearance at the Freedom & Faith Concert featuring Christian worship singer Sean Feucht at the Orange Tree Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona USA on October 27, 2022. The final weeks of the race has been a tight contest between Lake and her opponent Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Kari Lake has refused to commit to accepting the 2022 election results. (Photo by: Alexandra Buxbaum/ Credit: Sipa USA/Alamy Live News

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Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake is refusing to back down against the news media, Democrats, and Maricopa County officials regarding the midterm election chaos in Arizona.

While the mainstream media and the Democrats have already celebrated a gubernatorial “win” for Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Lake has filed a lawsuit against Hobbs, Maricopa County Chairman Bill Gates, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, members of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors and Maricopa County Director of Elections Scott Jarrett.

On his show, “War Room” on Real America’s Voice, Steve Bannon asked Lake about the ongoing controversy in Arizona regarding the midterm elections that were plagued with voting issues.

Lake told Bannon that Richer and Gates formed a “Super PAC” and raised tens of thousands of dollars to prevent her from winning the gubernatorial race in the November midterm election. She said their super PAC’s “number one intention” was to make sure she did not win, citing a major conflict of interest since Richer and Gates were responsible for helping oversee the election process.

Highlighting the host of issues with Arizona’s election, Lake accused Hobbs of “rigging” the election through her position as secretary of state. Discussing the Democrat’s defense against her lawsuit and challenge to the midterm election results, Lake asked, “Are they going to call Katie Hobbs who’s doing the same exact thing? Katie Hobbs, who’s incompetent at her job refused, to recuse herself and is working with the federal government to censor American citizens. Is that who they’re going to call?”

Lake’s lawsuit calls for an order to declare her as the winner of Arizona’s gubernatorial election due to widespread voting issues, such as in Maricopa County, where malfunctioning voting machines are believed to have prevented many Republican voters from successfully voting in the 2022 midterm election. Lake has also offered an alternative solution allowing Maricopa County to redo the election.

“They don’t have a chance on this and they messed with the wrong people,” Lake told Bannon. “If they think they can continue to steal and rigged elections, they are messing with the wrong people.”

Lake also emphasized the importance of pushing back against voter fraud in the midterm elections. “I know people are tired, but this is the moment we need to get into the fight, because if we let them rig another election, it’s game over,” she said. “The country’s gone.”

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