Lake: ‘Starting day one, hour one’ Arizona will take a STRONG stand on the border

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

During an “Ask Me Anything” tour stop last week, Republican Arizona gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake discussed the importance of having strong border policies to alleviate the widespread issue of drugs pouring over the open southern border and claiming the lives of countless young Americans.

Answering a question about the issue of drug-induced psychosis, Lake explained that many people “on the street” that appear to be mentally ill are suffering from the devastating effects of dangerous drugs. “A lot of it is the hardcore drugs they’re on,” she said, “and that can present as mental illness.”

The Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate said the drug crisis is “another reason” why the southern border needs to be secured. Despite the Biden administration’s claims that the border is “closed” and “secure,” government data indicates otherwise, as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pour in every month.

“The drugs are coming from the cartels in Mexico,” Lake added.

The Arizona gubernatorial nominee explained it is no use helping people overcome drug addiction when drugs are, “pouring in at levels we’ve never seen before.”

As record numbers of drugs continue to be transported across the unsecured southern border, Lake said, “It does us no good to fix the homeless crisis and the drug problem. That’s why we have to take a really hard stand on the border, and that’s what we plan to do starting on day one, hour one.”

To reverse the policies of the Biden administration, Lake urged the American people, especially Arizonans, to vote Republican “up and down the ballot.”

While Lake has continued to emphasize the importance of border security, her opponent, Katie Hobbs, reportedly said it was “ridiculous” that border security was an important topic in Arizona’s gubernatorial race. Next week’s elections will reveal whether the people of Arizona agree with Hobbs or prefer Lake’s staunch stance against open borders.

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