Last night’s raid showed that Democrats are TERRIFIED of Donald Trump

by Elad Hakim

Photo: Alamy

Last night’s despicable and unannounced FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s private residence proved, once again, that Democrats are terrified of President Trump.

While the exact purpose behind the raid is not entirely clear, some believe it revolves around documents that President Trump allegedly took from the White House at the end of his term. In a recent interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Lara Trump said:

“Everybody from my father-in-law’s team has been cooperating with the FBI with any authority that asks for anything up until now and there was no need to make such a big scene, to do something this insane, quite frankly, to a former president. But I think everybody clearly knows, Will, what is going on here. This is about weaponizing the justice system, as it has been so many times in the past against somebody who you politically do not like.”

The FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was unprecedented. Michael Tabman, the former head of the FBI’s Minneapolis Field Office, said, “We just haven’t investigated presidents after they’ve served their term.”

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz also questioned the motivation behind the raid. In an interview on ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight,’ Dershowitz stated:

“A raid is supposed to be a last resort, but this administration has used the weaponization of the justice system against its political enemies. It’s arrested people, denied them bail, put them in handcuffs – used all kinds of techniques that are not usually applied to American citizens, and I just hope this raid has a justification. If it doesn’t have a justification, the material seized in it will be suppressed.”

Dershowitz is right to question the motivation behind the raid. After all, this is not the first time that Democrats have gone after President Trump. They accused him of Russia collusion, violating the Emoluments Clause, violating campaign finance laws, and improperly paying “hush money” to various women. They impeached him over a perfectly legal telephone call with the president of Ukraine and impeached him a second time over the tragic incidents at the Capitol. They also formed a highly partisan committee to investigate the events at the Capitol, the sole purpose of which was to place the blame on Trump.

While Democrats have failed miserably thus far, they continue their unrelenting efforts to prevent President Trump from seeking a second term. If they were searching for documents during the raid, Democrats could try to rely on 18 U.S. Code § 2071 to prevent President Trump from running again, depending on what documents were discovered, if any. If this is the case, the motivation behind the raid is even more questionable.

After all, while the FBI conveniently chose to raid President Trump’s private residence, it has, thus far, failed to conduct any such raid on the residences of any prominent Democrats despite allegations that some have allegedly destroyed classified emails, allegedly engaged in improper financial dealings overseas, or allegedly utilized positions of power as leverage for financial gain.

In a recent statement relating to the FBI’s recent raid, House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik stated:

“The FBI’s raid on President Trump’s Florida home is a dark day in American history. The political weaponization of the FBI and Department of Justice is an actual threat to democracy. There is a reason that Americans no longer trust these agencies. This is the same corrupt agency that illegally fabricated FISA warrants, knowingly deceived Americans about Russian ‘collusion’ for years, and weaponized itself to perpetuate this hoax with their all-too-eager mainstream media accomplices. This is the same agency that protected Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and continues to lie to protect Hunter Biden. This is the same agency that refuses to provide accountability and transparency into the deadly limo crash in Schoharie County in my district.

There must be an immediate investigation and accountability into Joe Biden and his Administration’s weaponizing this department against their political opponents – the likely 2024 Republican candidate for President of the United States.”

Stefanik raises legitimate points. Why would the FBI raid President Trump’s private residence when the president was not home and when his team was allegedly fully cooperating with the FBI? Along those lines, why would the FBI conduct a raid against President Trump when it has failed to do so in other cases involving one or more prominent Democrats?

These questions, of course, are rhetorical, as Americans already know why. President Trump represents everything the modern-day Democrats loath, including freedom, a love of God, country, the Constitution, law and order, and draining the Washington swamp. Lara Trump also understands this and recently stated:

“They detest Donald Trump, not just on the Democrat side, but the general establishment, because he’s not one of them, because he doesn’t play their game. They are terrified he’s going to announce any day that he’s running for president in 2024 and this is a very convenient way to just throw a little more mud on Donald Trump as though they haven’t already done enough.”

In other words, they are terrified of President Trump.

Mr. Hakim is an attorney and columnist. His articles have been published in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, and other online publications. He is also a regular guest on OANN’s Tipping Point, and has appeared on Newsmax, The Jenna Ellis Show, Steadfast and Loyal Podcast with Allen West, The Dave Weinbaum Show, and Real America’s Voice. 

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