Latest Trump ruling seeks to punish his family and supporters

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Op-ed by Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Photo: Trump Campaign

After ruling that President Donald Trump committed fraud, a Manhattan judge revoked his business licenses and ordered five of his former attorneys to pay fines for arguing on his behalf. 

According to the New York Post, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ruled that President Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization (his family business) are liable for fraud for exaggerating the value of their wealth. 

In addition, five of President Trump’s lawyers were ordered to pay $7,500 for making what the judge deemed “frivolous” arguments. 

President Trump responded to the situation on Truth Social, noting, “The New York State Attorney General went before a Highly Politicized Democrat judge, who refused allowing the case to go to the Commercial Division, where it belonged, to simply rule, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, that I committed fraud, which is both ridiculous and untrue.”

He noted that there was no jury and that the judge ruled that his Mar-a-Lago home is only valued at $18 million. 

Eric Trump posted on X in defense of his father, displaying listings for smaller properties neighboring Mar-a-Lago, valued between over $38 million and nearly $60 million. 

He stated, “It is a travesty of justice and an embarrassment to the court.”

Eric Trump also noted in another post that this is “an attempt to destroy” his father “and kick him out of New York.”

He described how Mar-a-Lago is arguably the most valuable residential property in the country, worth over $1 billion, and concluded, “It is all so corrupt and coordinated.”

Eric Trump further expressed his frustration in a concluding post where he noted that this ruling seeks to punish him for merely being President Trump’s son.

He wrote, “The only thing worse than weaponizing the legal system against a political opponent is unfairly going after their family.”

“Both the Attorney General and the Judge know I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this case. Every single person has testified that my job has always been acquiring, developing and managing properties, not back office functions,” he added.

“The only reason I am collateral damage is because my last name is Trump and I am unwavering in the support of my father, his accomplishments and what he has done for our country, a nation which is now rapidly in decline,” he added. 

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