Lawyer Sidney Powell will not be disbarred over election fraud cases: report

2DDEYKB Attorney Sidney Powell offers remarks while joined by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Republican of New York, New York) during a press conference at Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Credit: Rod Lamkey / CNP /MediaPunch

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High-profile attorney Sidney Powell will not be disbarred over the election fraud suits that she previously filed in several key states following the 2020 presidential election, multiple outlets have reported.

Per Reuters, a Texas judge has found that Powell violated no law by filing her four election fraud cases, following a lawsuit from the State Bar of Texas Commission that alleged ethical violations in Powell’s filings.

Powell celebrated the victory on Twitter, writing the following:

“March 1, 2022, the Texas Bar filed suit against me in Texas state court, alleging six ethical violations arising from the election fraud suits I filed on behalf of electors following the 2020 presidential election. Full discovery ensued with multiple depositions, our production of more than 55,000 pages of documents & a massive privilege log. Yesterday the Texas Judge applied settled law and held that the Bar had NO evidence as a matter of law that I violated any rule in our four election fraud cases. A link to the order will follow[.]”

Via the order, the “Commission has failed to meet its burden on the challenged elements of the Commission’s claims” granting Powell’s no-evidence motion for summary in its entirety.

According to Reuters’ report, the Texas Bar had previously alleged that Powell had no “reasonable basis” for her lawsuit, which centered on evidence of potential fraud in states like Michigan and Wisconsin. In 2021, a Detroit federal judge, preceding the Texas State Bar’s lawsuit, sanctioned Powell over the lawsuits’ allegations.

Ret. Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, who is a close ally to Powell, responded to the news of her legal victory on Twitter. “So happy for you! We need you to stay in this fight for all our freedoms!!! @SidneyPowell1 is the real deal and remains America’s Guardian Angel of Justice,” he said.

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