‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ chant breaks out at Mar-a-Lago: Trump hilariously responds

by Summer Lane

President Trump has finally responded to the cultural phenomenon of “Let’s Go Brandon!” chants that have broken out around the nation at sporting events and arenas.

Enthusiastic supporters began chanting the popular phrase at an America First Policy Institute event held at Mar-a-Lago where Trump was speaking on Nov. 4. The “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant, which is a more appropriate alternative to the original chant, “F*** Joe Biden,” broke out in the crowd in response to Trump’s comments about Biden’s recent visit with the Pope.

“What the hell happened to him?” Trump asked. “Does anybody know what happened? Don’t say it.”

When the crowd began chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” Trump smiled and asked, “I still haven’t figured out…was that young, attractive female reporter – was she trying to cover up or was she being nice – did she not understand what was happening? She works for NBC so it’s about 94 percent sure that she knew exactly what she was doing.”

Trump was referring to the original interview that sparked the viral “Brandon” chants, in which a news reporter at the Talladega Nascar speedway supposedly misinterpreted a “F*** Joe Biden” chant coming from the stands. She told viewers the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” in response to the Xfinity Series winner Brandon Brown’s victory.

In October, Trump’s Save America PAC released a new line of “FJB” and “Let’s Go Brandon” shirts in their online store, taking advantage of the extremely popular anti-Biden rallying cry that has swept across the nation.

Even more amusingly, hip-hop artist Bryson Gray’s Biden-slamming single, “Let’s Go Brandon,” skyrocketed to #1 on the iTunes hip-hop and rap charts, despite being censored by YouTube and Big Tech.

Trump continued his remarks as the audience laughed: “Anyway, well, Brandon’s become a big star – nobody ever heard of this guy, now he’s one of the biggest stars.” In what appeared to be a good-natured jab at Biden, Trump closed his thoughts on the subject by adding one final, albeit feisty, comment: “But I still like the first phrase better somehow.”

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