NBC reporter misinterprets ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants as ‘Let’s go Brandon’ in on-air blunder at NASCAR race

by Ashley Muñoz

Rowdy fans at NASCAR’s Talladega speedway caught an NBC reporter off guard during her live interview with Xfinity Series race winner Brandon Brown, when they began chanting the increasingly popular “F*** Joe Biden” chant from the stands.

During his post-race interview, Brown was taking questions from NBC’s Kelli Stavast about his win which he said was a “dream come true” for him. Immediately after, the racing fans began yelling the expletive-filled chant, “F*** Joe Biden,” in unison, successfully interrupting the interview.

Instead of telling viewers the real phrase being shouted from the stands, Stavast mistakenly told them that attendees were chanting, “Let’s go Brandon.” However, that story didn’t hold up well as the message could be clearly heard on video.

The “F*** Joe Biden” chant wasn’t developed by NASCAR fans, though. The phrase has grown in popularity as it’s been heard being shouted in several sports arenas in recent weeks.

The trending chant appears to have began at the Texas A&M Aggies game against the Kent State Golden Flashes on Sept. 4, shortly following Joe Biden’s failed Afghanistan troop withdrawal where 13 U.S. troops were killed.

Other football games where the controversial chant could be heard was during the Coastal Carolina-University of Kansas game, the Virginia Tech game, and the Alabama State-Auburn game, along with others. The chant has also been heard during NFL games and concerts, as well. During a live show in Scranton, Pa., rockstar Aaron Lewis recited the chant along with all of his anti-Biden fans in attendance.

In a Sunday morning tweet, Donald Trump Jr. captioned the video by writing, “I’m pretty sure they’re not chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon’ as the NBC reporter is telling us. What do you hear?”

The anti-Biden chant has become increasingly prevalent as Joe Biden’s approval rating has decreased. According to a Rasmussen Reports poll from Friday, Oct. 1, only 42 percent of Likely U.S. Voters approve of Biden’s job performance. 56 percent disapprove.

Biden has faced intense criticism over the past few months due to the crisis on the southern border, the rise of inflation, and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The Biden administration is also currently under fire from many within the Democrat party due to their inability to agree on a massive spending bill, which would add trillions to the national debt.

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