Louisiana BLOCKS globalist organizations

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The Louisiana Senate has passed a bill that blocks globalist organizations from enforcing any regulation, mandate, or policy in the state of Louisiana. 

The Bill, SB 133, was created to ensure that global organizations like the World Health Organization, United Nations, and World Economic Forum have no jurisdiction in the state of Louisiana. The bill was first introduced in February of this year and was created by Senator Thomas A. Pressly, Valarie Hodges, and Kathy Edmonston. 

On March 26, the Louisiana Senate passed the bill. Fastdemocracy shared the bill’s text, which read, “No rule, regulation, fee, tax, policy, or mandate of any kind of the World Health Organization, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum shall be enforced or implemented by the state of Louisiana or any agency, department, board, commission, political subdivision, governmental entity of the state, parish, municipality, or any other political entity.” 

This bill marks a big step for America, preventing globalist organizations from creating laws for U.S. citizens.

President Trump has urged Americans to reject globalism and embrace patriotism. This bill does just that. 

The timing of this bill comes as the World Health Organization calls for an urgent agreement, or Pandemic Treaty, on an international deal that would pave the way in how countries prepare for pandemics.

In a press statement, the World Health Organization states that it seeks to make a “collective ambition of an international pandemic protocol a reality” by May this year. There has been hesitance to adopt the treaty, and Human Rights Watch has warned that the treaty fails to protect core human rights standards.

Should the World Health Organization finalize this treaty, Bill SB 133 would prevent its regulations, policies, or mandates from being enforced in Louisiana. 

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