Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn urges America to ‘disband’ agencies that don’t comply with new standards of accountability

2DG350J File photo : Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee April 18, 2013 in Washington, DC, USA. The committee heard testimony on worldwide threats faced by the country. Donald Trump's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has resigned over his contacts with Russia, the White House has announced. Mr Flynn is alleged to have discussed US sanctions with the Russian ambassador before Mr Trump took office. Photo by Olivier Douliery/ABACAPRESS.COM

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In an impactful op-ed written for the Western Journal, Lt. General Michael Flynn laid out potential House committee investigations, and how the Republican-controlled House of Representatives could leverage its power to further expose federal corruption.

“Time for accountability, but this time if they won’t comply then disband those agencies that feed the corruption of the deep federal security state,” Flynn captioned his op-ed on Twitter.

Lt. Gen. Flynn’s comments regarding his op-ed.

“Just because a committee is created, an investigation is conducted, and facts come to light does not mean that matters automatically improve,” he wrote.

Flynn specifically cited the passage of the new 2023 House Rules package, zeroing in on the consideration for a resolution to establish a Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. As reported by RSBN, the committee is reportedly set to be chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

In his op-ed, Flynn touched on the history of a Senate “Church Committee” that was formed in the wake of President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974. The committee, he wrote, operated for 18 months, interviewed a reported 800 witnesses and reviewed roughly 110,000 classified documents.

Flynn pointed out that the Church Committee discovered two shocking CIA programs in their investigations: Operation Shamrock (a government interception program that intercepted American telegrams) and Operation MKUltra (a program centered on behavioral modification of subjects through the use of hypnosis, drugs, and electroshock).

The general used these two exposed CIA programs to underscore his point:

“I truly doubt that if Elon Musk had not purchased Twitter and arranged for independent journalists to expose the collusion between big government and Big Tech the new Weaponization Subcommittee would never have been created. However, if it is able to expose what has been hidden, we may have our best chance to derail the campaign of fear and intimidation that the deep state continues to wage, not against lawbreakers, but against hundreds of Jan. 6 protesters who did nothing more than attend a rally to petition the government.”

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