MAGA COUNTRY: Trump has a bigger lead with Republicans in California than in Texas

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump has captured the hearts of Republican voters nationwide, but the GOP primary polling trends between California and Texas have illustrated a dynamic shift in what GOP voters in the Golden State are looking for when it comes to electing the next president.  

According to a new poll from PPIC that looked at Republican primary voters in the state of California, Trump holds a 29-point lead for the 2024 GOP primary nomination, giving him a bigger lead with California Republican voters than the GOP base in Texas.

Via data from CWS Research, Trump is leading by 24 points in Texas among Republican voters, illustrating a 7-point drop for Trump in the Lone Star State and a 7-point gain for Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.

Texas, which has often been celebrated for representing a bastion of liberty and freedom amid a patchwork of states that have gone blue, has surprised many conservative voters with this political shift.

While Trump still leads widely in Texas, the supposedly deep blue state of California has, so far, embraced the 45th president even more powerfully than Midwesterners in that area of the country.

Per RSBN, a recent UC Berkely Institute of Governmental Studies poll found that Trump was leading among Republican voters by 18 points. That poll was conducted between May 17-22.

PPIC’s poll was conducted at almost the same time (May 17-24).

Is it possible that California could swing completely red for Trump in the 2024 presidential election? While it seems unlikely in the general election, Republicans in California have a good chance of voting overwhelmingly for Trump in the primary.

Trump himself has even addressed the possibility of winning California in the general election, pointing out that he didn’t believe it was unwinnable during an interview with his son, Donald Trump Jr. “Everyone says you can’t win California – I think it’s totally wrong,” he stated

As previously reported by RSBN:

“Although California is a reliably blue state, it has 169 delegates up for grabs in the Republican primaries, the most for any one state. It holds nearly seven percent of the total 2,467 delegates, of which just 1,234 delegates are needed to win the nomination for president.”

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