Marjorie Taylor Greene holds livestream on reinstated Twitter account: ‘Free speech is dead’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., held her first livestream on Twitter Monday since her personal account was reinstated on the platform in the wake of Elon Musk’s decision to reinstate an impressive lineup of conservative voices which had previously been silenced.

Greene serenely sipped on what appeared to be a martini while she held her livestream, sharing her thoughts on the declining state of America’s right to free speech.

“Why does it take a billionaire buying Twitter to restore people’s freedom of speech?” she asked. “And is that really a good thing? Is that the place we want to be in America – where either you have the government saying, ‘No, you can’t be on here,’ but the only way you get your free speech back is because a billionaire bought Twitter?”

Greene titled her livestream, “Free speech is dead.”

The Georgia representative is no stranger to taking hardline stances on issues, and on Monday night, she dealt a blow to conservatives who thought they were celebrating the comeback of free speech on Twitter.

Rep. Greene continued, remarking that the government and elected representatives “should be protecting free speech.” She added, “It shouldn’t take someone buying a company, restoring your free speech. That means we’re not in a good place. That’s not good for America. That means free speech is dead.”

Greene also reminded viewers that free speech is important because “it builds bridges, and we desperately need bridges built in this country, because we’ve been through years and years of our bridges being burnt to the ground.”

Rep. Greene recently won her reelection in Georgia to the House of Representatives, crushing her Democrat challenger Marcus Flowers with an overwhelming 65.72 percent of the vote on Election Day with only 69.17 percent of precincts reporting, via RSBN.

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