Twitter reinstates MTG’s personal account

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Under the new leadership of Elon Musk, Twitter has reinstated Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account after the “unelected big tech oligarchs” permanently banned it earlier this year for “Covid misinformation.”

“I’m the only Member of Congress the unelected big tech oligarchs permanently banned. On January 2, 2022, they violated my freedom of speech and ability to campaign & fundraise crying ‘covid misinformation.’ My account is back,” Greene posted on her official congressional account. “Go follow @mtgreenee for MTG unfiltered.”

According to Reuters, Twitter permanently banned Greene’s personal account in January for repeatedly violating the tech giant’s Covid-19 “misinformation” policy. This was the first time the tech giant permanently suspended a member of Congress from its platform.

Greene’s account was one of several that the social media company decided to reinstate.

RSBN reported that President Donald Trump and the undercover investigative organization Project Veritas were also reinstated.

“Thank you @ElonMusk for reinstating the Project Veritas Twitter account and for standing up for real investigative journalism[,]” Project Veritas’ official account tweeted on Sunday. “Stay tuned for an exclusive on this account 11/29 – A brave whistleblower inside the federal government is going on the record about child trafficking.”

After months of speculation about whether the 45th president’s viral tweets would ever see the light of day again, Musk created a poll asking users to vote on whether Trump’s account should be reinstated. The poll results were revealed when Musk tweeted on Saturday, “The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated,” per RSBN.

Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness President Nick Adams celebrated the reinstatement, tweeting: “The restoration of President Trump’s Twitter account is the answer to the prayers of MILLIONS of patriotic Americans over the last two years. Prayer works!”

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador also praised the return of Trump’s account, writing that he voted for its reinstatement on Musk’s poll.

“La Estatua de la Libertad no debe quedar como un símbolo vacío,” Lopez tweeted, which translated into English means: “The Statue of Liberty must not remain an empty symbol.”

However, Trump remains steadfast in his decision to use his social media app, Truth Social.

According to RSBN, President Trump sees no reason to return to Twitter, insisting that the social platform had “a lot of problems” with engagement and bot accounts.

“Truth Social has taken the place [of Twitter] for a lot of people,” Trump said, “and I don’t see them going back onto Twitter.”

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