Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces legislation to label Antifa as TERRORISTS

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., introduced a House resolution on Tuesday to officially declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization and demand accountability.

“Antifa has been terrorizing Americans for years, and it’s time to end the lawlessness,” the congresswoman tweeted.

“Antifa are the ground troops of the Democrat Party,” Greene wrote on Twitter. “Their violent attacks on America have been ignored for too long. Tomorrow I’m introducing legislation to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization and demand the DOJ hold them accountable.”

Her comments come just after Antifa attacked the Atlanta Police Department’s future Public Safety Training Facility in a coordinated assault, resulting in the arrest of multiple suspects who have now been charged with domestic terrorism, per Fox News.

According to their report, only two of the 23 arrestees are from Georgia, although 35 people were detained in connection with the violent attack. Most of them were from out of state, or even out of the country. The attack was allegedly carried out with fireworks, Molotov cocktails, and bricks.

“It’s time for the Democrats who support Antifa terrorists and call them ‘protestors’ to shut the hell up about J6,” Greene also remarked on Twitter. “The Democrat Party is the party of criminals and abolish the police. You don’t get to ignore Antifa anarchists and terrorism on one hand and be all about justice for J6 on the other. Bunch of lying hypocrites. They don’t get to say a word anymore.”

During an interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Greene stated, “This has been going on for years and years, and it’s time that we recognize them [Antifa] as domestic terrorists. They’ve attacked our courthouses, our government buildings, torn down monuments, attacked police and in the Summer of 2020, they actually burned over 90-something police vehicles…this has been going on for months and months, attacking the site of a future police-training facility.”

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