Mike Carey Wins Ohio Special Election Following Trump Endorsement

Mike Carey, an “America First” energy lobbyist, secured victory in a Republican primary to represent Ohio’s 15th district just weeks after President Trump endorsed him.

According to the Associated Press, Carey won the special election Tuesday night with about 37% of the vote, which was around 24% ahead of his second-place contender.

The pro-Trump Republican won the race in a crowded field of GOP challengers as he continued to push for “America First” policies while also branding himself as a political outsider.

Carey praised President Trump for his support in the election while assuring his constituents he will continue to implement the “America First” agenda during his tenure in office.

His victory comes just months after his predecessor, former Representative Steve Stivers, stepped down from his post to lead the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Experts claim Carey is likely to win the general election in November given the incredible double-digit support President Trump received from the district during the 2020 election.

Celebrating Carey’s win, President Trump released a statement on Wednesday congratulating him.

“The mainstream was chomping at the bit to report a loss for a Trump-endorsed candidate—they couldn’t wait. In fact, the Washington Post still hasn’t corrected their very old story,” he said.

The 45th president dubbed the victory as a “landslide” that the Fake News refuses to cover.

“If my endorsed candidate would have lost, it would have been nothing but front page,” Trump stated. “Such a double standard, but congratulations to Mike, he will never let Ohio down.”

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