Mike Crispi’s campaign receives immense support from New Jersey Republicans

New Jersey congressional candidate Mike Crispi held his first town hall campaign event on Wednesday with massive crowds in attendance.

Crispi, who has previously hosted his conservative talk show “Red White and Truth” on RSBN, is attempting to primary incumbent Rep. Chris Smith in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District.

Crispi told RSBN, “I am so honored by the energy and enthusiasm of this massive crowd in Tom’s River tonight.”

“These patriots love President Trump, love our country, and are fired up now more than ever to take our country back,” Crispi stated. He added, “They are looking for a bold fighter in Washington who will represent their values fearlessly, unafraid and uncompromised. I pledge to be their voice in DC and never let them down!”

Crispi is running on a platform promoting American values. He pledges to strengthen election integrity, support law enforcement, develop a strong economy, secure the southern border, encourage school choice, defend the Second Amendment, eliminate unconstitutional mandates, and fight the corruption in Washington.

After a successful town hall, Crispi tweeted it was “an INCREDIBLE night in Ocean County” for the first Town Hall event. He added, “New Jersey is putting AMERICA FIRST on June 7!”

“President Trump asked for this primary and Chris Smith is GETTING IT!” Crispi stated. “Our America First movement is undeniable in New Jersey! Join Roger Stone and so many patriots as we surge to victory.”

Trump, who has called for Republicans to primary Rep. Chris Smith, explained last November, “Saving America starts by saving the GOP from RINOs, sellouts, and known losers.” Smith was one of 13 House Republicans to support Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill, prompting the 45th president to call for a strong America First Republican to replace him in the 2022 midterm election.

While the 45th president has not yet made an official endorsement in this race, Mike Crispi is clearly running his campaign around the MAGA movement that Trump created. New Jersey Republicans will be keeping a close eye on this race as the president considers a candidate to endorse for the primary election on June 7.

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