Mike Lindell encourages Americans at CPAC: ‘We’re gonna come out of this stronger and better than ever before’

Fearless patriot and CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell sat down with RSBN’s Brian Glenn at CPAC in Orlando on Saturday and pulled no punches on the subjects of election fraud, cancel culture, and the future of the United States of America.

He called out conservative platforms and networks for being afraid of reporting on the election fraud of 2020, which Lindell says he has spent “around $35 million” of his own money investigating and fighting. “They’re in fear,” he said. “They don’t want anybody talking about the 2020 election…it’s disgusting.”

Lindell also went on to slam the mainstream media for the cancel campaign they have launched against him over the past two years which prompted box stores, shopping channels, and even a Minnesota bank to cancel him.

“You want me to shut up?” he quipped. “I’m gonna talk louder.” He added that the people of America don’t need the mainstream media anymore because “our voice is coming back.”

Additionally, Lindell addressed his ongoing fight to uncover election fraud, remove Dominion system voting machines on a county-by-county basis, and share information and truth with the American people.

“We need people now as a base,” he explained. “Remember, the government is supposed to work for the people.” He encouraged people to also share information online or with their friends about election fraud.

Lindell also talked about the importance of voting for politicians who genuinely care about fighting election fraud and restoring fair and free elections in the United States. “If you’re a politician,” Lindell remarked, “you’d better talk about 2020 and fix it.” He added optimistically, “We’re gonna look back and say, ‘if 2020 hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t get to the glorious place we’re going.’”

Mike Lindell is totally committed to fighting for election integrity, and in his interview with RSBN, he said people took things for granted before Covid and the rigged election. “Keep the faith,” encouraged Mike. “We’re in the greatest revival in history.”

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