Mike Lindell launches ‘Election Crime Bureau’ in quest to restore election integrity

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

MyPillow CEO and election integrity warrior Mike Lindell announced on Saturday in Washington, D.C. during a speech delivered at CPAC 2023 that he was launching an “Election Crime Bureau” as a part of his ongoing efforts to combat election fraud in the United States.

“I’m announcing [we’re] putting everything under one roof in this country,” he said. “Everything that people in the country have been doing – different groups. We’ve been trying to get it all organized, but now we have. The ElectionCrimeBureau.com, you can all check it out – I’m making the announcement here.”

Lindell’s formal announcement comes just a few days after he told War Room’s Steve Bannon that he would be kickstarting the organization. Per War Room, Lindell stated, ““Think of it as the umbrella for the whole country. Underneath this I have an Election Crime Unit, which is a cyber unit. [There’s] a legal unit, a legislative unit, I have a communications unit… we’re helping with any of the states that need help, any of the counties that need help.”

At CPAC, Lindell added, “I’m asking that the RNC endorse this. I don’t need any help from them, I just want them to endorse it, and you know why? I want to be able to go into these states and not have to be blocked by Republicans and stopped. I want to be able to fix what they should have fixed. They should have took their money and fixed these platforms – got rid of early voting, got rid of dirty voter rolls, got rid of the machines!”

Lindell also slammed voting machines at last year’s CPAC event in Dallas, Texas. “God’s given us grace for such a time as this…,” he said in 2022. “We have to make this the greatest revival for Jesus in history.”

Lindell’s new Election Crime Bureau vows to “Investigate, Prosecute, [and] Restore Trust.” The stated objectives of the organization on its official website are to eliminate voting machines, pass legislative reforms, and decentralize voter rolls.

Visit the Election Crime Bureau here.

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