Mike Lindell swings at Minnesota bank cancelling him, promises to ‘get our country back’

by Summer Lane

CEO of MyPillow and fearless American patriot Mike Lindell kicked off the speaker lineup in Florence, Ariz., at the Save America Rally Saturday ahead of President Trump’s scheduled remarks.

Lindell noted that he has been relentlessly attacked by the media and corporate America ever since he began fighting for election integrity in 2020. He said, “…I’ve been attacked right up to yesterday, when they’re [the banks] trying to de-bank all the platforms.”

In yet another attempt to cancel Lindell for his patriotic devotion to protecting America’s elections, Heartland Bank & Trust in Minnesota is heartlessly asking him to close his accounts with them within the next 30 days.

Lindell revealed on Friday during an on-air interview with Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast that he was not going to close his accounts, which would include cutting funding to the Lindell Recovery Network. This organization helps countless individuals work through their addictions and heal.

He remarked, “I said, ‘I am not being part of this. I’m not leaving. So, you’re going to have to throw me out of your bank,'” he said.

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During Saturday’s rally, Lindell was as fired up as ever, energizing the crowd as he talked about the 2020 election and the mountain of evidence of both voter fraud and irregularities that have piled up since 2021.

“We’re so much better off today,” he told the excited crowd. “Every single day is a better day. We’re in the best position that we’ve been in since November 3rd.” He also said that Americans’ power lay in our knowledge, because “We know what happened…and it’s all gonna get corrected!”

Additionally, Lindell promised that, “There’s not gonna be any election done with any machines in 2022,” referring to the Dominion voting machines that have been used across the country to digitally tabulate votes.

Lindell closed his remarks by taking a swing at the conservative news media that is refusing to talk about the election fraud of 2020. “One of them rhymes with Fox,” he said, drawing chuckles and cheers from the audience. He also called the media’s blackout on the subject of election fraud, “Election deflection.”

However hard the media and the corporate entities around the country try to destroy Mike Lindell for his patriotism, conservatives and Trump supporters only seem to rally around him even stronger. “We will get our country back,” Lindell promised. “God bless you all and God bless America.”

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