Minnesota bank heartlessly cancels Mike Lindell’s Recovery Network

by Summer Lane

The radical left has embarked on yet another politically motivated attempt to “cancel” and punish Mike Lindell for his patriotic work in shedding light on the election fraud in the United States.

A Minnesota bank will reportedly be cancelling Lindell’s Recovery Network, which is an organization Lindell previously founded to help addicts break free from their destructive lifestyles and live their lives to the fullest.

According to a report shared during “War Room” with Steve Bannon, a staunch conservative and Trump ally, the Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank and Trust is attempting to “de-bank” Mike Lindell’s Recovery Network.

“This is the hardest-working patriot in this nation,” Bannon said during the on-air interview with Lindell on Friday. “And because he’s that, they must destroy him.” He also added that cancel culture is hellbent on destroying even the things that have “nothing to do with politics,” like the Recovery Network.

During the interview with Lindell, Bannon also shared a graphic noting the names and phone numbers of the CMO, EOC, and two CEOs of Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank and Trust.

This may encourage “deplorables,” a tongue-in-cheek nickname for conservatives who support President Trump, to call the financial institution and demand they reinstate their business dealings with Mike Lindell and his Recovery Network.

Despite another cruel blow from cancel culture and corrupt, leftist banking institutions, Mike Lindell was as positive as ever. “We are winning,” he stated in the War Room. “We’re at a great point. We’re in the best spot we’ve been in since Nov. 4. Every day gets better and better. We’re winning, winning, winning.”

Mike Lindell originally endeared himself to the American people when he launched his popular MyPillow product on television in a series of highly effective infomercials that sparked the success of his billion-dollar company. MyPillow is an American-made product, and Lindell’s ascension to becoming one of America’s most successful businessmen is even more impactful in light of his previous history as a drug addict.

Lindell has been a strong supporter of President Trump since he ran for office in 2016, and since the 2020 presidential election, Lindell has been working overtime to bring awareness to the election fraud and irregularities that occurred across the country. In response to his work, Lindell was “cancelled” by many corporate retailers who now refuse to stock his products in their stores.

The latest blow from Heartland Bank and Trust is just another voice in a chorus of seemingly leftist-controlled institutions who are obsessed with attacking Mike Lindell for simply seeking to support election integrity and President Trump.

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