More people died of COVID under Biden in 2021 than under President Trump in 2020

New data released in a report from John Hopkins University shows the coronavirus death toll in 2021 has exceeded that of 2020. Last year, 352,000 people were reported as dying from Covid in March to December. This year, 353,000 have died – and things couldn’t look worse for Joe Biden.

In a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump made remarks about the startling numbers. “If you go from Labor Day of 2020 to Labor Day of this year, it was a 300 percent increase in cases of Covid,” Hannity told viewers.

Agreeing with Hannity, Trump said “There are more cases now, but you don’t hear the news at all. You do not see the death counts on CNN; you don’t see any of that. It’s an incredible job that we [Trump Administration] did. We have been given no credit. But you know what? The people know and we got 75 million votes. That’s more votes than any sitting president in history.”

In a report disclosed by the Daily Mail, January 2021 was the worst month of the Covid pandemic this year, with just over 100,000 deaths reported. Conservative talk show host Clay Travis commented on Twitter, “Joe Biden ran his entire 2020 campaign from his basement arguing he’d make the country safe from Covid by following the ‘science.’ Yet more Americans have now died of Covid in 2021 under his administration than in 2020 under Trump.’

In October, the CDC reported that there were more than 700,000 total deaths attributed to the coronavirus in the United States as either an underlying cause of death or a contributing factor. 76 percent of those reported deaths were among individuals 65 and older.

In light of these grim numbers, Joe Biden’s promises to eradicate Covid have seemingly fallen flat. “People are learning to die with [Covid],” Biden said in a presidential debate in 2020. But, it appears that nothing has changed under his present leadership.

The CDC also reported that 65.1 percent of Americans have received their first shot of a COVID vaccine, and 56.2 percent are fully vaccinated. The Biden administration is pushing for nationwide, liberty-restricting vaccine mandates, and yet the data appears to show that Covid cases are rising regardless of the rate of vaccination in the U.S.

Joe Biden seems to be failing to deliver on his promise to deal efficiently with the coronavirus crisis, and the newest death count from John Hopkins isn’t doing him any favors.

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