MTG blasts Biden on Ukraine funding request as Hawaiian island BURNS

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., blasted Joe Biden on Friday after he asked Congress to authorize another $24 billion to Ukraine despite an ongoing crisis on Hawaii’s island of Maui, where devastating wildfires have claimed the lives of many people and burned the historic town of Lahaina to the ground.

Rep. Greene wrote on X, “FEMA is underfunded by $4 BILLION, Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) is only funded $1 per Georgian, Hawaii’s Lahaina is in desperate need of help from devastating fire killing 50+ people, and America is broke.”

She added, “Biden wants to send another $24 BILLION to Ukraine. NO!!”

According to The New York Times, the losses in Lahaina have been devastating, resulting in the destruction of countless historic buildings on the famous tourist destination of Front Street.

Even Lahaina’s famed Banyan tree was not untouched by the horrific fires, as videos shared on social media showed the tree smoldering and scorched in the aftermath of the flames.

On Thursday, Trump ally and former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake slammed Biden for daring to ask Congress to authorize billions of dollars to Ukraine when America’s own Hawaii was on fire.

She commented on X, “Lahaina, Hawaii is burning! @JoeBiden is still focused on sending our money to the people of Ukraine??? There are American citizens suffering right now!”

The fires in Maui have been unusually damaging, taking a toll on locals. On social media, videos have circulated showing people jumping into the ocean to escape the scorching flames.

On Friday, Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offered his opinion on the situation, noting, “Hawaii fires result from poor tending of the land. First, industrial ag plantations obliterated native ecosystems. When these farms were abandoned, combustible invasive grasses took over.”

According to NBC, there have been 55 confirmed deaths related to the wildfires so far.

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