MTG breaks down ‘two fronts’ of House impeachment inquiry strategies

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., recently laid out the possibilities of investigating the Bidens in the wake of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s, R-Calif., directive to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

On X, Rep. Greene, who has been a strong supporter of impeaching Joe Biden since he assumed office in 2021, explained, “The impeachment inquiry opens the door for our subpoenas to go after information that has been blocked because we have a legislative purpose.”

She noted that there was “no legal requirement for a House vote to start an impeachment inquiry according to the House counsel.” Greene also pointed out that the DOJ had allegedly been “blocking recommended felony tax charges” and tax investigations against Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

She explained, “There are two fronts. One, to investigate crimes committed by Joe Biden, while holding office, that enriched himself and his family. Two, uncover the people who covered it all up. I want that list of names.”

Rep. Greene additionally reasoned that a government shutdown wouldn’t stop Biden’s “weaponized government from pursuing his top political opponent, President Trump because Jack Smith’s special counsel is already funded.”

In fact, she argued that a shutdown would halt the House impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. She pledged, “I’m not allowing that to happen. Speaker McCarthy says we are not leaving starting next week! Let’s go! Game on!!”

Rep. Greene’s statement has come amid calls from Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., on Speaker McCarthy to get tougher and get in line with agreements he made to assume the speakership. Gaetz has argued that the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is “not real,” as reported by RSBN, alluding to the inquiry being little more than a political façade.

However, Rep. Greene has strongly stated that Speaker McCarthy has told House members that despite threats of a government shutdown that might stall the impeachment, “we aren’t leaving until we get government funding done.”  

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