MTG lays out step-by-step plan to CUT insane government spending

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., laid out a clear and simple plan on Twitter on Friday that gave Americans a picture of how to curb government spending when the United States is already trillions of dollars in debt.

“Here’s how you cut spending while old politicians like Joe Biden, who screwed us all by putting us in $34 TRILLION in debt and have their hands in the air complaining how will we cut spending & reduce inflation & LIE about Republicans wanting to cut SS & Medicare,” she tweeted, previewing a thread of tweets on the subject.

“We must go line item by line item and get rid of stupid spending like this,” she explained. “Irresponsible America Last spending is why we are all in this ridiculous situation to begin with.”

She referenced a 2022 tweet from her own account that looked at page 1,556 of the $1.5 trillion Omnibus bill, which included a $17,000,000 allotment to “build and maintain” latrines in “developing countries.”

She gave another example here:

She also pointed out a tweet from Gabe Kaminsky that stated that the U.S. Department of State had funneled $330,000 to the Global Information Index, “which is secretly blacklisting and aiming to defund conservative news outlets, according to records reviewed by the @dcexaminer[.]”

“THIS is another example of spending that should have never happened,” Greene wrote of the information. “Actually on the other hand because of it, we know who needs to be fired or even go to jail. Taxpayers should never be paying unelected bureaucrats to undermine our democracy.”

She also called for end to “ALL evil and cruel animal cruelty experiments that are funded by taxpayer dollars.” She linked her tweet to a story that uncovered the horrific, inhumane experiments conducted on beagle puppies at the behest of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health.

She added, “STOP funding immediately for grants to Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, awarded $3.3 million for more studies, one of which involves so-called ‘gain-of-function’ to make viruses more dangerous. We don’t want to pay for viruses to kill people! And while we are talking about paying to kill people. We must stop funding war in Ukraine and push for peace! Over $1 BILLION every single month goes to funding Ukraine’s government and $113 BILLION spent in military equipment, weapons, and aid with no end in sight.”

Greene also pointed out that the U.S. has sent $27 million in aid to China, $444 million dollars to Mexico, and noted that communist regimes like Cuba and Venezuela each received $14.85 million and $73 million, respectively.

“It’s easy to cut spending because for decades our government budgets have been the absurdly stuffed with stupid spending,” she concluded. “I always say if I ran my private businesses the way the government runs I’d be out of business & homeless. We have to fix it or soon we all will be broke!”

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