Nail in the coffin: Trump DESTROYS ‘globalist fool’ Nikki Haley, brings eight South Carolina leaders onstage

Photo: Alamy

During President Trump’s campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday, the president did not hold back in his attacks against his primary opponent and former S.C. GOP Gov. Nikki Haley, calling her “completely unelectable.”

Trump argued that Haley made an “unholy alliance with the RINOs” and “Never Trumpers,” claiming that nearly all of her supporters, almost 50 percent, reportedly stated that they would vote for Joe Biden in November.

Trump further accused his opponent of using “Radical Democrat money” in order to “fund a Radical Democrat campaign operation,” naming Haley’s New Hampshire state director Tyler Clark, a supposed lobbyist for a group called the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which he called the “largest Democrat dark money group in the country.”

According to Trump, Sixteen Thirty Fund and Arabella Advisors also spent over $400 million to elect Joe Biden in 2020.

“The Radical Left Democrats are supporting Nikki Haley for one reason: because they know she’s easy to beat,” he said.

Trump then called upon several South Carolina officials to join him on stage, including S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster, Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette, state Attorney Gen. Alan Wilson, state House Speaker Murrell Smith, and the State Treasurer Curtis Loftis to join him on stage to voice their opposition to their state’s former governor.

S.C. GOP Reps. Joe Wilson, William Timmons, and Russell Fry also joined the president on stage to speak to supporters.

Trump later called out Haley for her reported past views, including raising the Social Security retirement age to match life expectancy, supporting Paul Ryan’s 2011 plan to “destroy Medicare,” and supporting a “23 percent national sales tax.”

He also called her “a globalist fool” backed by the “deep state and military-industrial complex” because she will be easily manipulated into sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine and other foreign nations.

“If you want a losing candidate who puts America last, vote for either one of them—Nikki Haley or Ron DeSanctus,” noted Trump. “But if you want a person that puts America first, there’s only one person that you can vote for, and that’s Donald J. Trump.”

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