New general election polling: Trump leads in the swing states

by John Hanna

Photo: Alamy

According to general election polling conducted by Emerson/The Hill, Trump is ahead of Biden in seven swing states including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina. 

It is worth noting some of Trump’s lead in the polls in states like Pennsylvania somewhat stems from an increase in independent voters taking an interest in voting for Trump. “Pennsylvania independent voters break for Biden over Trump 41% to 35%,” said Emerson College Polling Executive Director Spencer Kimball.

Meanwhile, in the state of Michigan, Democrats worry about Biden’s performance due to his handling of the ongoing Israel-Hamas crisis considering Michigan’s sizable Arab-American and Muslim populations.  

Other states like Wisconsin are more concerned with issues like the United States economy, which has been affected by inflation under Joe Biden.

Kimball said, “Voters who find the economy to be the top issue break for Trump over Biden, 57% to 24%,” reflecting American voters’ frustration with current economic programs created by Bidenomics

In Arizona and Nevada, Trump consistently leads Biden, according to a new poll released on Thursday. One survey found Trump three points ahead with Arizona voters, while Nevada had him leading with six points over Biden.

When independent voters are included, Trump’s lead in Arizona jumps from three to six points. Similarly, when they are added in Nevada, Trump’s margin jumps from six to ten points over Biden.

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