New Hampshire is PUMPED for President Trump

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump was greeted with ultra-MAGA energy in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday, walking onstage to deliver remarks to a packed house of enthusiastic supporters.

Ahead of his entrance onstage, the crowd thunderously chanted, “WE WANT TRUMP!”

Trump greeted a team of New Hampshire representatives and delegates who had taken the stage before him.

Trump told the crowd, “Well, thank you very much – what a group this is!”

He added, “We got a lot of people outside – THOUSANDS.”

1,500 people filled the venue, decked out in red, white, and blue gear, signature MAGA hates, and Trump signs. Outside, RSBN reported that countless supporters had gathered near the venue hours before the event was scheduled to begin, hoping to catch a lucky glimpse of the 45th president of the United States.

Like all of Trump’s events, thousands of people came from far and wide to hear the president speak and to support his 2024 presidential bid as he put forth an optimistic and bold agenda to recapture American strength and sovereignty.

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