Floridians give BIG cheers of support for ONE 2024 candidate in live 2024 poll

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Floridian voters did not hesitate to show their support for one specific candidate in the 2024 GOP primary race, letting out massive cheers and applause in response to a live poll.

In a video clip shared by Florida’s Voice, the outlet stated that they asked a Southwest Florida crowd if they preferred President Donald Trump or Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., as the 2024 GOP nominee for president.

An off-camera audience was instructed to give a “round of applause” for who they were supporting. “If you are voting for Donald Trump for president in 2024, let me hear it!” one of the hosts said.

The crowd reacted with loud cheers of support and applause.

When the crowd was asked if they were voting for DeSantis in 2024, the applause shrunk considerably, drawing expressions of surprise from at least two of the hosts.

Watch the crowd’s reaction here:

President Trump has strongly led the GOP field of potential 2024 primary candidates this year, gaining massive momentum since initially announcing his bid for the presidency in November 2022.

For example, Emerson College’s polling trends have illustrated a huge upswing in support for Trump since January 2023. Then, Trump was polling at 55 percent of GOP support against DeSantis’s 29 percent.

Now, in the same poll, Trump is polling at 62 percent against DeSantis’s 16 percent. Trump has consistently gained ground and so far, DeSantis has seemed to slowly lose it.

However, DeSantis has not yet officially announced a bid for the presidency, although he is expected to potentially do so after the close of the Florida legislative session this year.

Floridian support for President Trump is hardly a surprise. Last week, Trump told Republican voters at a Lee County GOP Dinner in Florida that he had scored 1.2 million votes in the 2020 election than DeSantis netted in his reelection bid in 2022, RSBN reported.

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