New primary poll displays another Trump WIN

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Morning Consult’s latest 2024 GOP Primary Tracker showed President Donald J. Trump vastly ahead of his opponents. The results, shared by Interactive Polls on Tuesday, displayed the America First candidate gaining 48 percent of the vote.

There has been much speculation about other potential candidates, but President Trump is the favorite. Throughout January, he released over a dozen videos decrying online censorship, the “two-tier justice system,” and promoting the protection of American children, medicare, and farmland. 

His new Truth Social profile picture is also gaining press due to its patriotic nature, as reported by RSBN. The latest poll displays that the America First movement is going strong and highly supportive of a leader who will focus on the country’s needs.

While the Biden administration continues to downplay the threat of nuclear war and instead focus on the threat of climate change, President Trump responded in a Truth Social post on Tuesday, stating, “Wrong, and not even close. Nuclear War is the biggest threat!”

Per The Political Insider, President Trump negotiated four historic peace deals in the middle east. Breitbart covered his Jan. 28th speech calling for similar peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, “I would have a peace deal negotiated within 24 hours. You could make a peace deal, you could make a deal for both right now, 24 hours. That deal could be done. That deal is waiting to be done but there’s nobody to do it.”

His legacy of peace is following him into the 2024 presidential race and the Morning Consult GOP poll’s results show that it is resonating with voters. 

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