New Twitter Files Expose Alleged ‘Censorship Enterprise’

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Author and journalist Matt Taibbi released a new batch of Twitter Files that display incriminating evidence from the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit. 

According to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s news page, the state is currently pursuing legal repercussions for an alleged “Social Media Scheme” that supposedly worked to censor Americans under the Biden administration’s order. 

On Tuesday, Taibbi posted new information regarding the case. In the fourth post in the thread he wrote, “Here’s the whole scheme, in one picture:”

The tweet then displays how the allegedly FBI targeted specific accounts and instructed Twitter to “take whatever actions, if any, you deem appropriate.”

A Big Tech social media company was allegedly given permission by the United States’ top law enforcement agency to censor Americans based on unproven information without giving those individuals a fair trial. 

Although this seems like a request at first, in the sixth post in the thread, the FBI continues to “follow up” to ensure that Twitter is not only taking their advice to penalize targeted users but also asking the social media company to refer “‘linked’ accounts” as well as provide the FBI with “a list of those suspended accounts.”

Then, in the eighth post in the thread, Taibbi posts information that displays that Twitter employees didn’t have clear evidence that all of the accounts in question were suspicious. 

They responded to the FBI stating, “While the accounts showed some signs of inauthenticity, they weren’t so clear cut on our end that they’d trigger a proactive referral of associated accounts or content to the Bureau.”

“We don’t at this time have a clear indication that they are foreign in origin,” they added.

Despite this, those accounts were suspended and free-speech rights were allegedly violated. 

Taibbi asked readers, “Is this sequence showing a censorship demand from a de facto superior or just a polite ask from a pal? You can judge for yourself.”

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