New York judge rules voting by mail due to Covid UNCONSTITUTIONAL

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Adobe Stock

A New York judge gave Republicans in the state a significant win by ruling that voting by mail due to Covid-19 fears is unconstitutional.

Saratoga County Supreme Court Justice Dianne Freestone, in a 28-page ruling issued Friday, argued that the Democrat-controlled legislature “appears poised to continue the expanded absentee voting provisions of New York State Election Law … in an Orwellian perpetual state of health emergency and cloaked in the veneer of ‘voter enfranchisement,'” the New York Post reported.

Fox News added that the ruling does not invalidate ballots that have already been mailed for November’s election. It does direct election boards to halt the counting of absentee ballots already received and “preserve” them until after the Nov. 8 election or after a resolution emerges to a lawsuit filed by Republicans.

While Democrat officials announced action to appeal the ruling and push for a stay, Republicans are celebrating the ruling, counting it as a major win for election integrity, the outlet noted.

Per WRGB, state Rep. Robert Smullen, one of the plaintiffs in the suit, said:

“Let’s hope now that they preserve our ability to make sure that our elections are done with integrity and that voters are verified and that this system of absentee balloting –just like the voters said last November that they didn’t want no-excuse absentee voting, essentially mail-in voting– that it is held to a high standard, that way to ensure that each citizen gets one vote.”

Freestone’s ruling comes as a report issued by Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) earlier this month identified 3.1 million voter registrations in New York that lacked crucial information, per RSBN.

The report revealed startling information indicating that 10 New York counties had numerous problematic voter registrations in Nassau County and Queens County.

Nonetheless, as the nation heads into general and midterm elections in two weeks, Trump-backed New York gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., is fighting to oust current Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul from office.

Giving Zeldin his endorsement, President Donald Trump praised the congressman as a “great and brilliant lawyer who was a ‘must see’ for others in Congress when they had a complex legal problem that was holding up legislation.”

“Lee was strong on the Border, Crime, our great Military & Vets (like few others!), and fought hard to protect our 2nd Amendment, and succeeded,” the president continued. “Lee Zeldin is a WINNER who GOT THINGS DONE. He will be a GREAT Governor of New York, and has my Complete & Total Endorsement. GOOD LUCK LEE!”

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