North Carolina is set for a BIG red wave in November

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North Carolina is due for a red tidal wave of Republican wins in November 2024 if the most recent polling trends hold steady, signaling what could be a historic year of big wins for the GOP.

New polling from Carolina Journal/Cygnal has found that Trump is leading Biden in the Tar Heel State by five points in a hypothetical general election showdown, with Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. taking nine percent of the vote.

The gubernatorial race is also looking good for current North Carolina Republican Lieutenant Gov. Mark Robinson, who is running for the state’s highest office. Currently, the Cygnal poll found Robinson neck-and-neck with his Democrat opponent Josh Stein at 39.2 percent against 39.1 percent.

Robinson has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and delivered a strong speech in support of the 45th president’s 2024 candidacy from the CPAC stage earlier this year.

He declared, “America needs a fighter, indeed. This nation needs a fighter. Someone who is willing to go onto the world stage, walk in boldly, strongly, waving the American flag saying, ‘The Americans are here and we are in charge again and we are going to lead the world into the future with freedom!’”

Another Republican candidate, Judge Jefferson Griffin of the North Carolina Court of Appeals, is leading in the North Carolina Supreme Court race with a five-point margin over Democrat opponent Allison Riggs, who is the incumbent.

Between Trump, Robinson, and Griffin, North Carolina is posturing for a historic Republican clean sweep. While Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s popularity among voters has increased in the state, it hasn’t been enough to help the Independent candidate catch up to Trump, nor has it helped Biden’s waning poll numbers.

RSBN previously reported that Trump was holding a solid five-point lead over Biden in North Carolina based on an aggregation of averages between 25 polls, per DDHQ.

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