Parents rise up in California to protest ‘pride’ assembly in Saticoy Elementary School

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Parents in North Hollywood, California have had enough with Saticoy Elementary School’s push for a “Pride” assembly event for students, taking to the streets and holding a protest aimed at halting the “grooming” going on in the classroom.

According to a report from Fox News, the assembly that was reportedly promoted by the school featured LGBTQ+ reading material, which many parents felt was inappropriate for their kids.

On social media, videos surfaced this week of the “Stop Grooming Our Kids” protest, where parents gathered to show their resistance against the radical sexual material being promoted in the school:

According to The Epoch Times, parents at Saticoy Elementary called for protests in May, distributing flyers with the tagline, “Keep your kids home and innocent.” Per their report, the pride assembly was scheduled to take place on June 2, the same day that parents protested outside the school.

Manuk Grigoryan, a concerned father whose children attend Saticoy, told Fox & Friends that some parents met with the principal, but nothing came of it.

“We did have a meeting with the principal, but she couldn’t be helpful,” he said. “So we asked to speak with Carvalho. We made numerous attempts to contact him, but he ignored every opportunity that we had to speak with him. He just didn’t want to acknowledge us, and we had no choice but to take it to the streets.”

According to Fox, Alberto Carvahlo is the L.A. Schools Superintendent.

The protests at Saticoy come amid the corporate world’s push to celebrate “Pride Month,” which has become a dominant, month-long celebration in June. Target, for example, came under fire for promoting explicit “queer” and “pride” themed clothing for families and children ahead of June, prompting conservative shoppers to boycott the store.

According to the New York Post, Target has lost $13.6 billion in stock value in just two weeks.

Via Fox11, supporters of the pride movement also showed up on Friday to counter-protest parents’ efforts to halt the school’s promotion of the LGBTQ agenda items.

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