Pima County election hearing finds number of registered voters DOUBLE the population

The region that includes Maricopa and Pinal counties had 17.6 million domestic visitors in 2013.

Pima County, Ariz. held an election integrity hearing on Monday where experts provided evidence and testimony about the voting irregularities that reportedly took place during the 2020 presidential election.

Expert testimony revealed dubious activities, such as people not living where they voted, and inflated voter rolls across Pima County.

In Sells, a small town in Pima County, 1,375 residents were reported to be of “voting age” population. However, 2,762 people were registered to vote in the town – more than double the voting age population.

In Topawa, another small town in Pima County, 182 people were considered to be of “voting age” in the town of roughly 400 residents. However, 288 people were reported as registered voters, meaning the town has a 158 percent registration rate.

Pima County election canvassers also reported 62 early ballots were given to the elections department from an address where the “voter” did not live.

Canvassers reported 45 percent of households surveyed (52 percent) did not know the person that voted from their address.

A college fraternity house was also found to have 27 registered voters, and the average age of them was 45 years old.

Monday’s hearing occurred following an election analysis from October reporting that thousands of Pima County’s mail-in votes could be fraudulent.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a systems scientist involved in the state’s forensic audit, reported two Pima County precincts had over 100 percent turnout with mail-in ballots in 2020, an impossible phenomenon.

Pima County’s mail-in return rate was 15 percent higher than the 71 percent national average, and 19 percent higher than all of the other counties in Arizona.

Precincts that reported a 92 percent mail-in return rate or higher represented 264,000 votes. If just two percent of those were fictitious in favor of Joe Biden, then President Trump would win Arizona.

Pima County’s hearing also comes amid the audit of Maricopa County’s election results, which reported more than 57,000 ballots having irregularities.

State Rep. Mark Finchem, a key player in Pima County’s election hearing, has called for a forensic audit of the entire state’s election results. Finchem, who received Trump’s endorsement for Arizona Secretary of State in 2022, has called to decertify the state’s 2020 election results.

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