Poised to regain power, the GOP leads by 10 points on the congressional ballot

by Summer Lane

Photo: Adobe Stock

The Republican Party is poised to make a comeback in the 2022 midterms. According to a new report from Rasmussen, 49 percent of likely U.S. voters would vote for a Republican candidate in the midterm races, as opposed to 39 percent who would vote Democrat. This gives the Republicans a strong 10-point advantage.

According to the report, Republicans rose two points in July, though they have generally dominated the generic congressional ballot in 2022. Their report also noted that while Democrats won a majority in the House in 2018, Republicans netted several Senate seats to gain a senatorial majority.

However, it looks as if Republicans could take both chambers in the upcoming midterms if they maintain their momentum.

President Donald Trump has facilitated a large portion of the momentum that the Republican Party is benefitting from ahead of the midterms by endorsing staunch conservatives who align with his America First policy agenda.

For example, in July, Trump touted a “better than ever” endorsement record following a slew of primary victories in Texas. “12 WINS & ZERO LOSSES THIS WEEK,” Trump stated in a triumphant post shared to Truth Social.

RSBN reported that after his Texas winning streak in early July, Trump held an impressive 132-7 endorsement success record for the 2022 election cycle.

Republicans’ 10-point lead is significant going into the midterm season, and it signals growing support for GOP policies and Trump’s endorsees, who are soaring in the polls ahead of their primaries.

Rasmussen’s poll further found that 89 percent of Republican voters said they would vote for their party’s congressional candidate, while only 79 percent of Democrats said they would vote for theirs.

As previously reported by RSBN, the next big primary election day is Aug. 2 in states like Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington, and Arizona.  

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